Your specialist for testing photovoltaic and electrical systems.

A passion for excellence in everything we do!

This philosophy inspires our team of independent experts on photovoltaic systems, construction, and electrical engineering. We independently and professionally assess each system / building element along all critical operations relying on our long-standing and certified expertise. In particular, we focus on the assessment of electrical and photovoltaic systems, an offering that we can actually expand with special expert services in construction engineering and statics. Using the latest testing equipment, we can verify the performance of specific systems and examine photovoltaic systems precisely to provide meaningful answers to your questions.

Through continuous training, we stay abreast of the latest technological developments and their implications for the field of electrical and systems engineering as a whole. What is more, we expand our knowledge with recent findings in analysis, testing and measurement techniques, and renew our test criteria according to current standard specifications. Our accurate reports are suitable for credit institutions, courts, insurance, planners, solar installers, system operators, manufacturers and engineering specialists. As your trusted partner, we go far beyond standard service delivery. In particular, we can provide assistance for your individual tasks in the following areas:

Do your very special requirements fall outside of our services portfolio? If so, please contact us and we shall find a solution together.