PV performance measurements

Besides the professional measurement and inspection tasks to be performed before commissioning electrical or photovoltaic systems (DIN VDE 0126-23), which are required by professional associations (BGVA3 or DGUV) for operators and for all other electrical systems under DIN VDE 0100-600, the annual re-test or test after change and extension, experts recommended a performance measurement to avoid potential problems, which could lead to yield losses or the failure of individual components. With rely on constantly calibrated and modern measurement equipment to perform the measurements below according to the DIN VDE 0126-23 ff:

  • Characteristic curve measurement
  • Thermography, also by means of drones
  • Resistance and loop impedance measurement
  • Open circuit voltage
  • Short circuit current
  • Insulation resistance   
  • EXCLUSIVE: Electroluminescence on site or in the laboratory

We record all measurements, review the system documentation and elaborate an action plan for system improvement, where we also consider your overall structure. For increase safety and revenue. 


Particularly suitable for residential and commercial system operators, planners, solar installers, engineering offices