1. Lightning and overvoltage protection

Experts regard the probability of a direct lightning strike on a home as rather low. But even if lightning misses your house and strikes that of your neighbour, it can have fatal consequences for your own electrical system. A lightning strike, in fact, can be harmful for electric lines and cables of nearby houses in a 2km radius. What is more, a roof-mounted lightning protection is appropriate albeit probably insufficient according to present knowledge. While it diverts the lightning, it does not protect against surge damage, which cause serious damage, among other things, to your entire electrical equipment, devices, and the photovoltaic system and its components.

Further to external lightning protection, we can prepare a security concept based on the VDE 0185-305-5 to prevent surge damage and check your equipment.

  • Inventory
  • Development of a catalogue of measures for the optimisation of protection against surge
  • Implementation of a surge protector as complete system or as individual components
  • Verification of system components and of the associated electrical equipment and cables
  • Verification of the installed electrical lines and connections

As part of our services, we also offer recurring inspections of your system, so you can use your newly acquired energy carefree. Contact us!


Particularly suitable for residential and commercial system operators

2. Surge damage

The impact of damage from transient or lightning induced surges can be very expensive and extensive on buildings, equipment, electronics and photovoltaic systems. In case of damage, therefore, we test all electrical equipment and devices for technical plausibility regarding failure cause and context of a lightning or transiently induced surge. Given that surges often damage electrical equipment in ways that are neither measurable nor visible to the human eye, we perform laboratory X-ray examinations of samples to produce a technical statement on the root cause of failure.


Value determination considering the new -or- also time value constitutes the basis for rapid decision to eliminate damage. Our "full damage support" including position and settlement completes the independent support. 


Particularly suitable for manufacturers, insurers and operators