PV and electric system construction supervision

One solution for all systems


Rely on our independent and professional, international expertise in planning construction projects for photovoltaic systems or parks. And do so regardless of the size, location, nature and the scope. We advise you from the start and guide you in planning your photovoltaic system for maximum earnings expectations and compliance, with the latest safety concepts and legal requirements:

  • Site selection (according to optimal conditions for maximum revenue for own demand)  
  • Review and consideration of legal environment
  • Design of system technology and selection of all components
  • Creation of a demand coverage forecast
  • Tendering and selection of suitable installation and workshops
  • Site monitoring
  • System test and acceptance incl. review of relevant standards and documentation
  • Turnkey delivery of the photovoltaic system
  • Acceptance report
  • Commissioning of electrical equipment according to DIN VDE 0100-600

Particularly suitable for residential and commercial system operators, planners, solar installers, engineering offices, investors, and developers