About us ...

In case you were wondering who I am, or where my knowledge came from...


As a citizen of Soest (Germany), I can look back today on over 18+ years of experience on photovoltaic system technology. Immediately after attending Conrad-von-Soest school, I became the proud owner of a 2-stroke moped and, more importantly, I started training as an electrician at a small, local engineering firm. At the time, the engineering office devoted most of its time to renewable energy of photovoltaic origin - from development and planning to the installation of different types and technologies, with and without storage systems.


The first system I had the chance to build was a 10 kWp off-grid system for electrodeionization supply with battery storage, further to a wood heating system, and a backup generator for the winter period. To my knowledge, the systems is still operational today, even if certainly no longer aligned with the normative design flexibility of latest published standards.


Further, the engineering office focused on building so-called "burn-in" test cabinets for power supplies of the mobile industry, for a home-based major manufacturer of switching power supplies based in Soest. Before these power supplies where shipped to customers, they were placed in a climate chamber at the engineering office to undergo testing under various climatic conditions.


I finished this training with flying colours and six months in advance. Because of my training at the Engineering office, I leaned almost immediately toward to the laws of natural science and electrical power engineering, rather than towards swinging the hammer and a chisel. In those days, thus, I was regarded as a one-track specialist for the blue panels on the roof, albeit as pretty much useless when it came to masonry and chiselling work. Well, since I probably had no choice in the first place, I have always remained loyal to the rapidly growing photovoltaic market and industry.


Now, the tasks that I had to undertake and overcome grew as fast as the market did. While holding a regular day job, for example, I attended an evening technical school for 8 semesters, to learn about the electrotechnical aspects of power and automation engineering. Even then, however, I remained focused on photovoltaics. As a project manager for my final project, in fact, I developed and built a mobile photovoltaic module test, including its own characteristic curve measuring device and software. By the way, the system is still in operation today. Thanks to the excellent study teams and great colleagues, I also managed to complete this state-recognised degree with top marks.  


In the following years, I kept on passing milestones at a steady pace. Immediately after this training phase, I was involved in installation and project management, human resources and operations management, paving thus the way for my position as Managing Director with sole power of representation for a medium-sized company, with headquarters and two subsidiaries in Germany. With the coming into force of the Energy Act through the low-voltage terminal regulation, I also received the recognition by the local Chambers of Crafts and Network operators pursuant to the Crafts Act § 7 paragraph 2. At peak times, I was honoured to work alongside 66 employees, who I highly appreciate and trust to this day, and accompany in this stage of life.


Recently, I led as Managing Director the local subsidiary of a global company headquartered in Germany, which has been internationally active for 35 years as manufacturer and specialist designer of photovoltaic system technology. Through access to this group's decades-long knowledge in the production of photovoltaic components and international projects, I can now draw upon the experience of thousands of PV systems which, even if of a small scale, are installed on almost every continent in the world, leveraging thus the knowledge of the entire value chain of photovoltaics.


Over the years, my travelling, projects, and activities have taken me across the borders of Germany to Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Korea, Taiwan, China, Texas and Africa. Today, I can only thank numerous and much appreciated companies and business partners for their personal friendship and close contact.


In 2013, I was certified by TÜV Rheinland for the first time as Photovoltaic Consultant (TÜV), laying down at the same time the foundation for the Engineering and Expert office Dennis Menzel as REactive experts.


Since then, I deal mostly with problematic photovoltaic systems or other special challenges and tasks connected to photovoltaic system technology, at home and abroad. About myself, I'd like to say that I've seen every conceivable error at least 3 times in my career -and that is if I haven't done them myself! Thus, numerous well-known manufacturers, banks, insurance companies and operators of photovoltaic systems have resorted to me hundreds of times as consultant or "Appraiser".


Don't hesitate to reach out to me should you have tasks that connected this my area of expertise, or that identify with my experiences.


I'm looking forward to it.


Dennis Jeremy Menzel