Opinions and expert assessments

As a certified team of experts committed to accuracy, care and diligence, we produce meaningful reports that precisely reflect the ascertained facts. Upon performance variations or outright damage, we position ourselves as mediators, providing suitable optimisation or claim settlement guidance. For complex and financially extensive PV construction projects, we calculate straightforward earnings forecasts, and present possible solutions.


And also: For commercial companies seeking to use their solar power generation internally, we issue special reports on self-consumption.


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PV damage assessment

Damage to photovoltaic systems can be of very different nature. Further to normal and extreme weather conditions such as storms, hail, water, snow, ice, fluctuating temperatures and UV radiation, to which photovoltaic systems are regularly exposed, human error in the system layout or installation may lead to a premature and unexpected wear, but also to damage and component failure. On the other hand, lightning induced surges, fire and fire events or rodents can cause damage and serious disruption, up to the total loss of the system. Furthermore, an incorrect electrical installation and defective products, devices, and modules, combined with a lack of maintenance and testing, can result in poor system performance. As certified appraisers, we scrutinise the system being tested in its entirety, rigorously inspecting and testing any interlinked feature. To that end, we strictly adhere to accepted auditing standards in line with current DIN VDE specifications, and identify existing facts:

  • Analysis of the overall system structure (used devices/ modules, wiring, installation, documentation)
  • Performance measurement
  • Damage assessment reports in digital and paper format - easy to understand, enhanced with simulations and graphics
  • Claims settlement proposal with corresponding cost statement
  • Loss of earnings during standstill periods

Exclusive: Elaborations to increase system performance and maximum reliability for outstanding yield. contact us IMMEDIATELY.


Particularly suitable for residential and commercial system operators, insurance companies, solar installers, and engineering offices.


PV self-consumption reports

The ever-increasing energy costs have placed energy consumption high on the agenda of both commercial and residential operators. In particular, commercial companies seek to make the best use of existing surfaces, and progressively rely on PV-generated energy for production and administration. It is thus appropriate that our competence team calculates the optimum self-consumption performance for you under the relevant criteria, incorporating this already in system planning. The decisive factor is optimal system design and a storage solution taking into account the annual sunlight, your current power consumption, and the electricity purchase costs. Based on this information, we perform calculations, simulations and economic analyses, which we deliver in a self-explanatory report in both digital and paper form. 


Particularly suitable for residential and commercial system operators, financial institutions, planners, solar installers, engineering offices