Test according to DIN VDE 0126-23, 0100-105, 0100-600, 0100-712 und DGUV A3

We take a really close look at your photovoltaic, house or building electric systems, and uncover weaknesses that may lead to an increased risk of failure or security risk. To do so, we analyse and document all interfaces and their properties, as well as the entire electrical wiring and all of its components. Taking the analysed data as a basis, we prepare a test result according to the latest safety standards, indicating potential optimization actions. As an independent consultant, we shall gladly assist you in implementing the concept, supporting this in the order if so desired.  


Using advanced, VDE-certified measurement equipment, we perform periodic checks on all systems and devices, as required by the legislature via the VDE and trade association regulations, including solar power generating facilities, pursuant to DIN VDE 0126-23, 0100-600, 0100-105 and the DGUV A3 provision. We recommend an annual inspection.


For entrepreneurs, traders and industry, we conduct all tests pursuant to DGUV A3 on all photovoltaic and electrical systems, fixed electrical equipment, portable electrical equipment and stationary electrical equipment with existing, fully compliant documentation.



Electrical engineering maintenance: For a stable, smooth and guaranteed power supply, it is necessary to inspect cabinets, fuses, distribution and emergency power generators at regular intervals.


Particularly suitable for residential and commercial system operators, institutions, companies, industry stakeholders, etc.