Testing, maintenance, service and repair

Prevent possible damage to your photovoltaic system or electrical device by regular testing and maintenance. As part of our testing and maintenance, we can monitor, record, and compare projected revenues on an annual basis. In case of divergence, we can provide an early response via component replacement or through the introduction of service measures. This prevents a yield reduction and extends the service life of your system. Damage risks can be significantly reduced, thus contributing to greater safety. 


Using advanced, VDE-certified measurement equipment, we perform periodic checks on all systems and devices, as required by the legislature via the VDE and trade association regulations, including solar power generating facilities, pursuant to DIN VDE 0126-23, 0100-600, 0100-105 and the DGUV A3 provision. We recommend an annual inspection.


Upon doubt or malfunction, contact us IMMEDIATELY. We shall gladly present our suggested inspection and maintenance concept.



Electrical engineering maintenance: For a stable and smooth power supply, cabinets, fuses, distribution and emergency power generators must be inspected in continuous intervals to ensure a guaranteed power supply.


Particularly suitable for residential and commercial system operators, institutions, companies, industry stakeholders, etc.